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Welcome to MMA Victor Affiliates
Are your visitors interested in fantasy MMA? You could be earning commission by referring them to MMAVictor, the world's biggest and best daily fantasy MMA site.

By joining the MMA Victor Affiliate Program you will be affiliating your business with the most innovative and exciting development in the fantasy MMA world ever. We are committed to working closely with each and every affiliate to maximize the potential of every partnership.

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Dedicated Account Manager

At MMA Victor we are committed to making the most of every single partnership. As a MMA Victor affiliate you will have a dedicated account manager who you can work with to develop a strategy to recruit players tailored to your traffic and requirements.


Our state of the art reporting system will ensure that you are always on top of your numbers. You will have access to full suite of reporting tools, which will enable you to analyze your campaign fully and effectively.


In our media gallery we have a wide range of creative material in various formats and sizes to suit your site. We are constantly optimizing our banners and landing pages to ensure that you have the freshest and most effective marketing materials.


It's common knowledge in the daily fantasy MMA world that MMA Victor has the biggest and best promotions around.


Affiliates are paid promptly on the 5th of each calendar month either via PayPal or check.


If you have any questions about MMA Victor and our affiliate program please contact us at today.