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Dr Morse Botanical Formulas – Top Herbal Products Online
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Dr Morse Botanical Formulas – Top Herbal Products Online

Sunday, October 19, 2014 8:15 am - 11:15 am
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Before we are set to introduce some herbal products for you, let us give a brief idea about Dr. Robert Morse and his botanical formulas. Dr. Morse, a world-class Naturopath believes in the concepts of “Frugivores”, which means consumption of organic food, fruits and vegetables, while avoiding dormant foods, meat, etc. He says that having a good diet of organic food only strengthens the body, toning down the toxicities. Moreover, he suggests herbal treatment (botanical formulas) for curing different medical problems rather than medicinal drugs, which have side-effects.

Notably, the natural way of herbal treatment has derived successful results in patients, who continued their courses till the end. Given such positive outcome, the Dr Robert Morse botanical formulas got popular over the internet. Offering a window for chat and discussion, the Health Consultants provide consultation to patients seeking solutions to their problems.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the top herbal products:

 Tonic for healthy heart – It is an herbal tincture of various roots, leaves and berries, prepared for improving heart response, blood circulation and regeneration of heart tissue, etc.
 Tonic for eye wash – This is again one of the popular Dr Morse botanical formulas, which has white oat bark, passion flower herb, mullein leaf and an assortment of herbs as its constituents. It can be used for cleaning eyes, regenerating tissues and strengthening them.
 Detox course – It is a week-based course that helps in detoxification of the liver, gall bladder and kidneys. Particularly, it means deep cleansing of these organs.

The above are some of the products that were used by people and proved extremely helpful for them. You can buy Dr Robert Morse products online at, which offers discounts on several of its products. But, it is recommended that you consult the Health Consultant for a suitable prescription and not just buy it on your own after reading the product description.

A few people argue the effectiveness of herbal medicines, but it is actually a natural process that heals the patient’s issues over a certain period unlike the pharmaceutical medicines causing damage in various ways. Hence, one should follow the course appropriate for effective results.
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