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The Simple Rules of Hiring from a Car Rental in Mauritius
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The Simple Rules of Hiring from a Car Rental in Mauritius

Thursday, May 22, 2014 10:51 pm - 11:51 pm
Maurice Poupard st
Black River
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What comes to mind when you think of Mauritius? Definitely, you start visualizing vivid pictures of gleaming white beaches,clear blue waters and shining azure skies. Popularly described as paradise on Earth; Mauritius can leave you mesmerized with its captivating beauty. If you're planning to explore every nook and cranny of this heaven by road in a rented car, you can easily avail car rental services in Mauritius. Next, with a GPS in hand, fuel in your tank and a long list of spot you must visit, you can begin your expedition of viewing Mauritius in a different light.

Below, we have a set of simple rules you need to follow while hiring from Car Rental Services, so that you can have a hassle free jaunt in this magnificent island nation:

Go for Smaller Rental Companies: While larger car rental companies dominate the market, availing services from a smaller company can prove to be beneficial for you in many ways. The big fishes in the car rental business mostly focus on sales and profits, whereas the newbies are more focused on providing the best customer services. Renting cars from larger companies can be convenient but it might not be the best option. Do your research, check the car rental provider’s website and make sure you get the best facilities along with a cheap car rental Mauritius.

Choose the Right Vehicle: Give careful thought to the kind of vehicle you want for your trip. The things that you should keep in mind before you rent a car Mauritius are the size of the car, its fuel efficiency, the amount of luggage you have, the number of people travelling, and the contours of the land you’ll be visiting. Again, make sure that you check the car thoroughly before you finalize the deal.

Check the Insurance: Most car rental agencies include a package of insurance to cover the car in case of any mishap during the trip. This package usually includes a third-party insurance, theft insurance and all-risk insurance. List out the pros and cons before accepting the terms and conditions of the insurance as most companies will try to sell supplementary insurance for their own profit.

Get proper information about the fees: While booking a car from an online acre rental service provider, make sure you read the terms of services carefully. Inquire about the price, and also the extra charges you’ll incur in case you’re returning the car late or in case something unexpected occurs. Make sure you are well informed about the pricing of the Mauritius Car Rental you’re hiring from, so that you do not receive any unwanted surprises during your trip.
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