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Buy exquisite Odisha handloom dupattas, stoles and shawls online!
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Buy exquisite Odisha handloom dupattas, stoles and shawls online!

Sunday, December 28, 2014 11:04 pm - 12:04 am
443 (A), 2nd Floor, Saheed nagar
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After all of that fashionable ado about winter fashion, sweater weather and all things warm and fuzzy, it is almost time to bid these pink winters adieu and welcome the basking beauty of the summers. So even though we are all for seasonal fashion, we thought we would pay an ode to what we at Classystreet like to call “The Four Seasons Accessory” - a certain fashion accessory that is perpetually in fashion and oh so versatile!

Today we have for you, a top 3 list of exquisite Odisha handloom dupattas, stoles and shawls which are as wearable in summer as they are in winter. And needless to say, this is one fashion investment that pays you back with added interests because of its fluidity - you can always pair the same dupatta, stole or shawl with numerous outfits to add a breath of freshness to your look.

First on our list — Kotapad Dupattas and Shawls:

Weaved intricately by the artisanal Mirgan community of the little town of Koraput in Odisha, Kotapad fabrics are the epitome of organic clothing. Made naturally from the scratch, these fabrics are available in warm, vegetable dyed hues derived from the roots of the Aul trees found in this area.

Because of their soothing colours and weightlessness, Kotapad dupattas are skin-friendly and often feature interesting tribal motifs. Available in a wide variety of patterns such as chequered patterns, these unique dupattas are a must have in your wardrobe as it can easily be paired with a variety of plain and printed kurtis, to give an altogether new spin to your final get up!

The speciality about Kotapad shawls is that the comfort level of these is unparalleled! Made out of cotton, these shawls keep you nice and warm in cold weather but they can also be teamed with sarees and salwar kameez pieces on a random day to give an earthy tone to your get up because they do not make you feel super hot.

Sambalpuri Ikat Dupattas:

The world wide appeal of Sambalpuri fabrics needs no mention. Originating mainly from the Western parts of Odisha, the craft of Sambalupri weaving is truly special.Sambalpuri dupattas are available in silk or cotton and feature beautiful ikat patterns achieved through the complex double ikat weaving technique.Often inspired from tribal culture, these dupattas also have contrasting borders that feature tribal art.

Sambalpuri Ikat dupattas are extremely easy to carry and very comfortable on your skin. Pair these dupattas with your favourite plain or printed kurtis and give yourself a fresh makeover!

And as they say, save the best for the last - Pattachitra Dupattas:

The term “Pattachitra” is an amalgam of two individual words - “patta” meaning “cloth” and “chitra” meaning “picture.” As the name therefore suggests, “Pattachitra” dupattas are exclusively hand painted and often feature temple art and other native paintings, drawn directly by artisans on the fabric using natural vegetable, stone and earth colours.

Richly weaved picturesque Pattachitra dupattas feature many meticulous paintings that Pattachitra artists create. These paintings are sometimes spiritual in nature, sometimes they depict the life and culture of tribal communities and sometimes they are simply aesthetic. The best part is - you can have one of these dupattas especially custom designed for you as well. The tussar silk threads used for weaving the fabric add a hint of royalty to the dupatta, making you look like a true queen at any party or event you attend. Pattachitra painted dupattas have an artistic appeal that is absolutely one off.

So, all you lovelies out there, shake off your “Seasonal Affective Disorder” and gear up with these light and breezy dupattas for some serious summer time style. Shop for these exclusive Odisha dupattas, stoles and shawls online now!

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