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Why It Is Best To Hire HK Company Secretary

Hong Kong is practically heaven for entrepreneurs for those who are looking for setting something new or those want to expand their business horizon. The free economy, the infrastructure and the human resource everything is actually permissible for business. With the help of JV Consultants Ltd it is actually possible to run business without facing any flaws and difficulties. This consulting agency offers range of services with which anyone would be having ample chance to prove the proficiency and skill they possess. So those who are seeking career n China or trying to mingle in Chinese market must depend upon this consulting agency.

JV Consultants Ltd offers Company Secretary Service where they perform number of works for reasonable price. Now the question is what services exactly JV Consultants Ltd performs. Well, below a small list is furnished.

1. Annual Return: when it comes to submitting the annual return this consulting firm shows wonderful talent and skill, as they prepare the file without any flaw anywhere. There remains no chance for penalty. They will be sending out reminders as well.
2. Increasing and Transferring of Shares: It’s really not easy when shares are to be transferred. It actually takes 3 days.
3. Any Changing: Company Secretary conducts changes of varying sorts, integrating Change of Registered Office Address, Change of Particulars of Shareholders or Directors, Appointment or Retirement of Directors and Change of Company Name.
4. Deregistration: When it comes to deregistration, like a true HK Company Secretary JV Consultants Ltd is here to offer ample service, you will be getting all kinds of help for a reasonable cost.
5. Reducing the Share Capital: Like a true Corporation Service Company this consulting firm offers special resolution which is out and out backed by solvency statement and it will be continuing for 8-9 weeks.
6. Registering New Company: Whenever it is about registering a new company JV Consultants Ltd shows enough skill.
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